Mom Interview Project

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Mom Interview Project For my baby/mom interview project, I interviewed my mother, Charlotte Lo. She graduated from Rutgers University with a Master’s Degree in Education. When I interviewed her, she told me many things that I did not before. He talked about her labor and parenting experience from before I was even born to today. When she and my dad were married, they wanted to have a baby in order to create a fuller, more wholesome family. My mother visited a doctor over a midwife because she knew a friend who had seen the same doctor and believed more in professional help. The doctor that she visited in America was a doctor at the Hackensack Medical Hospital. Then she flew back to Taipei, Taiwan, her hometown, to give birth to me because that is where her parents lived and the place where she grew up. My mother’s labor lasted about three hours, though she vividly remembered the last hour of her labor. She had the doctor use an epidural to ease the pain, and had the birth induced because it was a caesarian section. Fortunately the labor had no complications except for the pain that the pain mothers feel during labor. After hearing her story, it seemed like her birthing experience was not as bad as the stories said by other mothers. The reason my mother had a caesarian section was because she was in her mid-forties and she did not want to risk giving birth naturally. Her doctor recommended that caesarian would be safer for her. For the first few years of my
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