Mom Role Model Essay

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Mother’s have a big role to play in their children's life, they teach their kids values that stay with forever. My mom has taught me a lot in the 9 years I had with her. The woman I am today has been because of the way my mom. She showed me how to act, live, and express myself. My mom was my biggest role model, I wanted to be just like her, just like every girl wanting to be like their mom. Having her gone has made me a stronger person, having to go through everyday life without a mother figure to guide me through my childhood years. In the 9 years I had being with my mom, showed me how much I want to be like her. My mom had stage 4 breast cancer for 7 years, she was diagnosed when I was 3. Since I was so young, I did not understand what…show more content…
I knew that I did not have much time left with my mom and I needed to spend every last second with her. Being so young and losing my mom changed my life so much, knowing I have to live the rest of my years being a dependent woman because I will not have a mother figure in my life anymore. Since she passed, I have tried to be just like her, happy all the time, even if I’m hurting because I know my pain was not as big as her’s. I always think about the things I do before I do them, seeing if my mom would do the same thing. I had to grow up relying on my dad to fulfil the missing piece of my mom, things mother would do usually do. My mom’s passing also showed me how thankful I should be of my dad. He had to take the role of two parents, while having 2 kids to take care of. He would take me shopping and get my nails done, things my mom would do. Her passing made my small family closer, relying and depending on each other. Parents are so important to children, protecting them and taking care of them all throughout their lives. So, when it comes down to having only one parent in a child’s life, it is majorly important for them to provide that missing role and make their kids life amazing. My dad had to do that, supplying extra love because of my mom’s passing. I have a lot of respect for my dad because he took on two kids and we are

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