Moment In My Life Essay

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There are many moments in my life that I consider important. While some of those moments are great, others still haunt me to this day. I have had some bizarre encounters in my life, but none as daunting as the night that I was stabbed. It was a regular tuesday in November when I received a call from a group of five of my friends. Being the social guy I am, I told them that I would attend their outing to Greenville, but little did I know how the night would take a turn for the worse. The evening started out with a very quick trip to Greenville via I-85 in a Black Hyundai Sedan. My friends picked me up around 7:35 PM and we arrived in Gravitopia around 8:10 PM after stopping at a QuikTrip service station on the way. For the protection of the offender, I will refer to the stabber as “Billy.” At this point, Billy and I were on good terms, or so I thought. The entire group bought tickets to jump for an hour at Gravitopia and that time flew by. As we were leaving Gravitopia, the group decided that we would go eat somewhere, since jumping on trampolines for an entire hour can easily wear even the youngest of bodies to exhaustion. We decided to go to Sticky Fingerz which was a few miles away and the food was absolutely delicious as all five of us were on the brink of starvation. Us being teenage boys, we like to joke around and since Billy was the youngest one in the group, of course we were going to pick on him. Throughout the night we had been sneaking sly remarks about Billy,
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