Moment In Time

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Moment in time In everyday life people show encouragement and give motivation to me and the people around me. A good example of this is during wrestling season. During wrestling season people show motivation by cheering myself and others on. No one is more motivational than your coaches. No matter what your doing the people yelling at you and cheering you on never gets old. Nothing is better than winning a match and having everyone cheering you on. When I first started wrestling I absolutely hated it I would tell myself that i sucked and I was no good. The only thing that kept me going was the motivation of my coches. Even though through the years It was the same people cheering me on it never got old. Over the years my biggest supporters were Mr.Ayers and Mr. Kudrick.…show more content…
I lost every match but the first match I won the crowd went wild it was one of the best feelings ever I remeber ending the season 1-23. Even though I lost a lot of matches the coaches always say remember the first match you won? I will never forget the first match of the 2014-2015 wrestling season. This match was 3 years after I started wrestling. The match was against the same team I won my first match against 3 years previous. I was very nervous to wrestle that match but my Coaches were there to tell me it will all be fine. After the match I knew I was going to be a good season. As the wrestling seasons went I got to go to areas which is like jr. high states. My first match was against the first seat and I was fifth seat. I had him pinned but the kid threw a whirly bird and I lost the match 6-4. This was double elimination this means I was 0-1. I was angry at the crappy call and my coach said I will make it through and face him again in finals. Well it it didn't work out that way I lost my second match and I was sent home with an end of season record of 27-13. I was furious but when it was all over I had my coaches and the crowd telling me good
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