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Introduction Lever is a very simple device that can measure the mass of an object. In this experiment, we are going to make a lever that consists of ruler, 50 gram weight and string that could measure the mass of a battery. We will get the mass by using the formula of moment (moment = distance×force) and based on the data that we obtain from the experiment. Moment is a force that can make object turn around if there is a pivot, for example the see-saw. Objective * To understand the use of moment formula (moment = distance×force) * To use the principle of moment to calculate an unknown weight. Materials * Meter stick × 1 * Battery × 1 * 50 gram weight × 1 * String × 1 * Scissor × 1 * Tape × 1…show more content…
If the meter stick is balanced, then the moment on both sides is the same. I have learned the “moment = distance×force” formula better after the experiment and used this formula to get the mass of the battery. As clockwise moment should be equal to anticlockwise moment when the meter stick is balanced, we can use the formula to calculate the weight. I also know that farer the distance between the object and the pivot, bigger the moment will be. Also, the larger the weight the object has, bigger the moment will be. I think our experiment was quite successful. We figured the weight of the battery even though the predicted weight and the actual weight have an 11.3g difference. The one of the reasons we didn’t have an accurate data is because we didn’t cut the rope into equal length. I think we follow the right step, but our predicted weight wasn’t accurate. The group that got the FLRP has a ≤ 1g difference between predicted weight and the actual weight. We cannot fix the meter point at exactly 50 cm. To improve this experiment, we will just move the 50g weight farer from the pivot instead of moving around and waste time, because battery is heavier than the 50g weight. I think we can also improve our experiment and the accuracy of the data by cutting the string into equal length. We should measure it
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