Moment Of Silence In Vimalakirti

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The Vimalakīrti-nirdeśa "offers us two dramatic and contrasting moments of Silence. The first of these [is] the Silence of Śāriputra ", who is rendered silent during an exchange with a goddess. Śāriputra, when asked a question in a context, chooses to remain silent. He abandons speech rather quickly. Such a refusal may be considered as neither an indication of wisdom nor a means of imparting wisdom. It is in fact a refusal to make progress. Contrasting Sariputra’s silence is the second moment of silence of Vimalakirti. Where Śāriputra’s silence arises out of failure, Vimalakīrti's is a prelude to a more articulate Silence.
Vimalakirti’s Thunderous Silence.
The Vimalakirti Sutra reaches its height with Vimalakirti’s wordless teaching of
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Cakkhumassa yatha andho, sotava badhiro yatha paññav'assa yatha mugo balava dubbalor iva.
Let the man with sight behave as though blind, with hearing capacity be deaf,with tongue as dumb and one with strength behave as weak.
182. Avitakkam samapanno sammasambuddhasavako ariyena tunhibhavena upeto hoti tavade.
Thus, having attained the meditative state, where all thoughts come to a stop the disciple of Buddha will possesses the noble silence.
From the above descriptions, one can infer that Silence is practiced in Buddhism for two main reasons: 1. For conveying certain doctrinal points or experiences, language may not only be inadequate but also misleading. Under such circumstances, silence is the best expression. 2. Silence is used as a tool to facilitate the meditative process rather than as a tool for getting closer to divinity.

3. In Judaism
Many Jews turn to Buddhism to rise to spiritual heights. Judaism says, “Take the whole world up with you. Judaism is a path of total engagement with this world.

The 613 commandments of the Torah are prescriptions for how to engage every part of one’s body and every component of the physical world in consecrated action. Even a “mental” or “emotional” commandment, such as “Love your neighbor as
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