Moments of Truth

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Moments of Truth

Mocha – Coffees and Conversations

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Moments of Truth 6
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Moments of Truth
Customer Moment of Truth (MOT) can be defined as “In customer service, instance of contact or interaction between a customer and a firm (through a product, sales force, or visit) that gives the customer an opportunity to form (or change) an impression about the firm. Managing reputations and managing problems are especially important for service organizations. Services sell intangibles, through expectations and promises of what is to come. A critical moment, which
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Later in the year, Lavelle Road in Bangalore and Defense Colony in Delhi followed suit. After gathering a legion of loyal patrons across India, Mocha then opened its gates in Kolkata in July 2010 with a 4000 sq. ft. café filled with drama, mayhem and comfort all in one place.
Positioning: Target group is young earning professional and affluent college going youth.
Value Proposition:
 MOCHA’S positioning statement “a coffee shop for the soul. A journey of experiences. A warm corner of flavours and aromas that fills everyone who leaves with a single parting gift. ELEVATION.”
Why people would choose Mocha
 Sharing good time with friends.
 Offers good time while savouring finer things in life.
 Offers one’s own pick of coffee flavour.
 It’s about feeling good and surrounding you with everything that feels good.

Moments of Truth
We have tested the MOTs on twelve parameters and evaluated them based on the gap between our expectations and the actual service received by us.
Parameter 1: Finding Mocha in Powai
 Expectation: Location should be easily available on internet.
 Actual Experience: It was available easily on net.
 Evaluation/Perception: Positive
Parameter 2: Website
 Expectation: Easy to explore.
The online details of menu gives the customer helps to choose the appropriate food from his house itself.

 Actual Experience: Website is exceptional and very easy to use.Easy to
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