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Do any Ashton Drake mommies ever wonder how babies and mommies find each other? Well, the following story just might answer that question. One day, just an ordinary day, a mommy begins seriously thinking about purchasing a special Ashton Drake baby. When she goes to sleep that night, the Ashton Drake Fairy gets to work. The fairy begins by reading the mommy’s mind so she can pair the right baby with the right mommy. As the mommy sleeps deeper and deeper, the fairy feverishly works to complete her task. Finally, just as the sun is beginning to rise, the tired little fairy completes her task. The next morning, while having coffee, the mommy decides to visit an Ashton Drake website. On the very first page, right in front of her, is the baby from her dreams! She just can’t believe her eyes! As the day wears on, the mommy keeps hearing this sweet…show more content…
In her dreams she keeps seeing a sweet little face and hearing that precious little voice calling to her. By sunrise, she hears the little voice one last time. The voice says two things: “mommy I need you and I am on my way home!” The next morning while having her morning coffee, the telephone rings. It is The Ashton Drake Galleries! The mommy wonders why in the world would they be calling her? Well, it appears that some time during the night, the mommy had gone to their website and placed the order that would bring her precious one home! The mommy didn't remember placing the order but somehow she did. Her little baby was on the way to her waiting arms!! Well, as Ashton Drake mommies, we know what comes next; we prepare everything for our special little arrival and anxiously count the days until we are united. Could this tale be true? Well, it depends on the imagination of each blessed mommy. Whether it is one baby or 100 babies, each one adds a special ingredient to our lives. What is the special ingredient you might ask?
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