Mommy's Room-Personal Narrative

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The nightmare began with the ringing of the phone. "Hello?" As my wife listened her face began to pale. "What?" Lines formed between her eyebrows as she squeezed them together. Her body tightened and she tried to speak but only cried. I stood next to her and gently ran my fingers across her back. I wanted to let her know that she was not alone. Her body was tense and her face pale. She turned and clasped my arm and I felt her body trembling. I asked her, just above a whisper, "What is it? What happened?" She tried to stifle her sobbing to speak, but only a feeble whimper fell from her mouth. I took the phone and pressed it to my ear to hear a frail voice uttering, "Are you okay, sis?" "What happened?" I demanded. At once a flood…show more content…
Mommy..." I was flushed and drenched with sweat, but seeing my wife break down like this caused my body to chill, sending shivers up and down my spine. The burden this day had brought was simply too much for me to carry. Another wave of emotion washed over me, and I cried.
The three of us rushed through the hospital Emergency entrance, all of us wearing sunglasses as though such a disguise could hide our grief. I identified myself at the check-in desk, the attendant buzzed the door open, and we went in. I was surprised to see a nurse was there to meet us, she escorted us through a short maze of hallways to the surgical waiting room. We stepped in and find another family waiting there, who, like us, bared the scars of anguish with red, swollen eyes, runny noses and a faces covered with worry. Looking at the wistful faces of complete strangers only added more pain to my heart. When my wife and her sister saw them, they began to weep quietly. I was determined to stay strong, no matter what came our way, but holding back a well of tears was like trying to stop a dam from bursting with just a finger plugging a
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The other family had left after hearing the shocking news that their loved one had died. We overheard it all, every word, and I was again racked with dreadful emotions while my wife and her sister sobbed openly. I looked about, and nearly everyone was crying at this sad news, both their family and ours. I prayed that the Lord would spare us such horrendous news, but I sensed death had already made its visit, it was too late, the angels had already come for my wife's mother. I was sure of it. After the other family left, we regained our composure. The waiting room continued to fill with our family and friends, and as each one entered, the crying resumed. Kind words and loving hugs were not enough to clear the melancholy that permeated the room. I thought of how this was not our first visit to a waiting room such as this, nor did I believe it would be our last. As the years passed so did grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and even friends. And each time we suffered such a loss, this very same pain returned with a vengeance. However, losing your mother is the toughest of all our losses in life. Sadly, I know this from personal experience. Images of my mother flashed in my mind. I thought of how her passing left me with a deep sense of loneliness. And still today I long to talk with her again, to see the spark in her eyes each time we laughed. To hear the sound of her voice or feel the comfort of her
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