Mona Heights Rehabilitation Center ( Mhrc )

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Mona Heights Rehabilitation Center (MHRC), provides a full network of health care services, including post-surgical care and rehabilitation, multifaceted medical services, skilled nursing and long term care services. We currently employ experienced and devoted staff of physicians, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, social workers, rehabilitation specialist and support staff. Our center’s goal is committed to the highest standards in quality of care to patients. I will recommend a workflow for Mona Heights Rehabilitation Center (MHRC), restructuring home care services through the introduction of telemedicine for physicians and health professionals connect with wider audience of patients in rural areas, then eventually across other communities by providing live high-definition video applications. The system provides high-definition video, high-quality audio, and the ability to assimilate with several categories of medical equipment ranging from the simple as staying in touch patients of their plan of care to providing, continuing therapy ongoing for patient through exercise with Rehabilitation Specialist.Additionally, by fostering the improvement of increase approaches to enrich the availability and usefulness of collaborative and knowledgeable for the development telemedicine service delivery by enabling and increasing access to healthcare as well as sustaining the system. The current state of work at Mona Heights Rehabilitation Clinic (MHRC) requires improvement through the implementation of

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