Monarchy And Their Influences On Writers

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Kendra Martin
Prof Salwak
English 251
6 December 2016
Monarchy and their influences on writers
All of the poems and stories we have read were written between maybe 975 and 1700’s. All the poets and writers were living in Europe, most likely England. England is where monarchy happens and England has faced tyrants and benevolent kings. From Henry IV to George III, all of the writers we read about were ruled under this government. These writers get inspiration of what was happening around them, and the monarchy had such control over the country, it gave the citizens inspiration to write their stories.
Beowulf was guessed to be written between 975 and 1025. During this time, Alfred the Great was the ruler of England after he had defended his kingdom against the Vikings attacks. Around the time Beowulf was written, Anglo-Saxon culture was at its peak. Some people speculate that the battles that happen in Beowulf are connected with the events that happened to Alfred the Great during his rule. Guthrum was the King of Danes during the time Alfred was in charge of Wessex and was at war with him. Then in 878, Guthrum’s army surprised attacked Alfred and his court when they were having a feast. This event could be related to the surprised attack in the beginning of Beowulf when Grendel attacks the hall out of nowhere after the retainers or Hrogather’s army had a feast. Alfred had to go through so much during the attacks he has been encountering with Guthrum. It is mirrored in Beowulf
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