Monday Morning Leadership

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Monday Morning Leadership Book Report Monday Morning Leadership is an excellent book written about several broad aspects of leadership. David Cottrell uses a simple dialogue between Jeff and his mentor, Tony, to keep the book interesting, easy to read, and informational. To effectively summarize and report on this book I will look at the different ideas Cottrell presents separately. Jeff finds himself caught in a rut and turns to an acquaintance from the past for help. Tony agrees to help Jeff as long as Jeff will commit to meeting Tony over the next eight weeks and teach what he learns to others. Over the eight weeks Jeff meets with Tony he discovers several new approaches that help him overcome deficiencies in his leadership and…show more content…
Staying organized will lead to more productivity and less confusion. Making a decision on marginal things right away will lead to more productivity and less time wasted. The other main point is punctuality. Being on time for a meeting or event can save minutes if not hours on wasted productivity. Tony teaches Jeff in "Buckets and Dipper" two main concepts of leadership. First, you have to rely on your team as much as they have to rely on you if not more. As a leader you are only one person and can only get a fraction of the overall work done while your team can get almost all the work done without you. Second, Tony teaches Jeff that you have to keep your team motivated constantly. As a leader you have to creatively keep individual motivated. Rewards like pay and time-off and punishments like counseling statements and threatening the loss of a job don't always work. The more motivated you keep your team the more motivated you'll be. The last meeting Jeff and Tony have is "Enter the Learning Zone." Tony relates that leaders don't stay content with where they are at. They need to continuously learn by reading or experiencing new things. Tony also teaches that setting goals is important for leaders. Without having an idea for where you're going, it will be nearly impossible to go anywhere. David Cottrell does a great job of breaking down the key aspects of leadership through the dialogue between Jeff and Tony. Just by reading the
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