Monetary Crisis and the Birkmans

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“Did you get all the livestock locked up tight tonight?” John asked his son Brad, a high school senior, as he came in from finishing up the chores around the farm. “Yes of course, just like an ole night, I know that we need to protect the farm, the animals, and ourselves from being robbed,” Brad replied in his usual sarcastic tone. The Brinkman’s had lived in Steele City, Nebraska their whole lives and up until a few years ago everything had been going great, from harvesting to calving in the winter, and carrying out their daily chores. Then all of a sudden about three years ago the government made an announcement that all types of monies needed to be gone and out of the United States. President Hinker had made a declaration that America would be going off the Green Standard, like President Nixon had done in 1971 by taking the United States and the world off of the Gold Standard. The United States had been having troubles repaying debts to China, Russia, Hong Kong and many more. Americans had also resorted to spending outrageous amounts of money on simple things as these countries had stopped importing goods to the United States. It was rumored that one man paid over a thousand dollars for a box of cereal that his pregnant wife demanded him to buy. With the rising prices and limited amounts of goods, people were going crazy. President Hinker knew that nothing could possibly get America out of the trillions of debt that we owed to so many countries so in 2027 he closed

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