Monetary System Crisis: A Policy Memo

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TO: Dr. Clark FROM: I.M. Student RE: Monetary System Crisis Dr. Clark: I am writing this brief policy memo in regard to the recent monetary crisis involving certain European countries, namely Greece and Spain. The focal organization handling the issue is the EU (European Union). The EU was established on November 1, 1993 by the treaty of Masstricht. It developed a single, regionalized, market structure through a system of standardized laws that apply in each member state so that citizens, goods, capital, and services are regional rather than local. With the establishment of a common currency, the Euro, the EU is also concerned with the overall economic and fiscal health of each member country. EU banks oversee localized financial institutions, and have the legal authority to enact localized changes in order to keep currency balanced. There are also branches of the EU that focus on legal and foreign policy issues, which sometimes blend into the economic realities of globalism (Europa, 2009). The EU acts as much more than an economic modifier, though, and member nations are encouraged to participate in cultural sharing (music, the arts, etc.), religious tolerance, and of course sport. This changes the overall rubric of the EU in that it actively seeks out foreign trade and markets as a large regional economic sector, so successfully that it counts for approximately 30 percent of world trade output (The EU Single, 2009). Essentially, this move towards globalization has
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