Money And Happiness : Can Money Buy Happiness?

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“Money”. It is the root of so many decisions humans make because it somehow seems to correlate with many people’s happiness. Money has a relationship with happiness because it can buy wants and needs and that is why it is desired by many. As time goes on humans become more and more materialistic meaning materials have more value, without money it would not be possible to buy the materials that means so much. If money can buy what’s wanted then yes it can buy your happiness, if it didn’t then it wouldn’t be desired as much as it is.
The question “can money buy happiness?” is a question many middle and lower-class American’s are faced with. To seem less materialistic when asked this question many people would probably instantly reply with “No” but when buying nonessential items, the purpose would be to be a happier person. Humans buy with emotion that is what makes a want a want so never being able to get a want or always being able to get some nonessential items effects human emotions. Never having enough money to do things in life or get nonessential products can lead to depression, and always not having any money can have negative impacts on most people’s life.
Because being a human means spending emotionally and because emotions and money already have this relationship because items cannot be purchased without money, money is already controlling human happiness. Buying special gadgets that could make whatever task easier or less time consuming naturally makes people feel
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