Money And Inequality In Society

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Using examples from Block 1 describe what studying money can tell us about inequality.

This essay is going to address what money means and its relation to inequality in society.

Money has different meaning for different level of people. Some see money as food, shelter or a roof on their top, however it means pleasure and enjoyment for wealthy group of society. Money has an essential role in shaping societies, it enables the economy to grow and helps people to have better health and education. Furthermore, money has direct relation to inequality. Inequality acers when the wealth is unevenly distributed within the society, in other words the unequal distribution of resources among the people, such as money, education, time and so on. The relationship between money and inequality could be further explained from the findings of Michael Sandel’s argument, money in the form of debt in china, distribution, exchange and consumption of coffee.

According to Michael Sandel there are only a few things that money cannot buy. He claims that in the past three decades it has been a quite transition, from a market economy to a market society. Market economy leads the society towards an organized path whereas, the market society puts everything up for sale, such as luxury prison cell where you can pay for a better, quitter and equipped place to pass your sentenced period, education cash incentive for getting good grades or reading books, private military which can be contracted by governments and sent to war, wealthy people can hire top ranking solicitors to decrease their sentenced time or to get away from charge whereas a poor man has to rely on government paid advocates and so on. this can be worrying for the society as it teaches the wrong lesson, putting price on everything brings a huge gap between the people, while everybody lives, shop, study and play in different places. Money shapes inequality all over the world i,e debt in china. (The Open University, 2017)

Almost every country in the world have national debt, the national debt is barrowed by the government from its own citizen, this money is used for development of the country. According to a city developer in online module strands debt in china can be seen
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