Money And Money : Does Money Buy Happiness?

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Does money buy happiness? Money has always been a topic that makes people either uncomfortable or boastful in the sense that they believe they have a great deal or not nearly enough of. Nearly 3 billion humans, half the world’s population, lives in poverty with 1.3 billion people living in extreme poverty. According to The World Bank website, “...the degree of happiness in 24 countries found that self-reported levels of happiness were higher in poor and middle-income countries than in rich ones, seemingly confirming popular beliefs.” Why is that? It would seem that the richer, more fortunate people nowadays try to find happiness in materialistic items that only money can buy. On the other hand, the less fortunate are more content, finding happiness in the little things like food, toys, or even new clothes. Though the poor do not have much money, they are driven by pure want and happiness, rather than greed and physical item that motivates many of the rich. In Bhutan: The Pursuit of Gross National Happiness, revenue is not their main priority. This area of the world is considered to be “an upside-down place,” meaning that the hierarchy of money to happiness is reversed. This country puts bliss before wealth, going about their everyday lives with no worries about how they are going to pay for housing, food, or taxes. In this place, the gross national profit is not as important as mental happiness and stability. Nevertheless, there are more monks than soldiers, and even then
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