Money And People Who Are Rich

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“There are people who have money and people who are rich” (Chanel, C) There is a difference between people who have money and people who are rich. People who have money are able to do what they want whenever they want but are very dependent on it for that they become desperate if they do not have it. For people who are rich, understand the true value of an object or person or are able to give without receiving. They are able to comprehend that money is an object for the greedy and that they are not controlled by it. Money is only an object that possesses people and controls them. We are being restricted by our wealth. Our wealth depends on how we enjoy life. Now, if money were no object to the common person, we all could live and enjoy our lives the way we wish. There are endless possibilities if money had no worth. We would spend our lives with joy, freedom and a peace of mind. There would be no restrictions to what we can do. Since we are being controlled by money, we are limited to the desires that we want. Therefore, the best way to enjoy one’s life if money were no object is to travel the world to explore new lands, to help those in need of help, and to learn new skills; languages, religions, cultural, and learn about people. It would be nice for everyone if money were no object because they can do what they want. First off, the biggest thing would be to travel the world and explore new regions. Thus, the top ten most visited cities across the world is Paris, France.
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