Money Can Buy Happiness. .Most Of Us Are Familiar With

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Money Can Buy Happiness Most of us are familiar with the old adage, “Money can’t buy happiness,” but few question the validity of the statement and its meaning. The debate: ‘Can money buy you happiness?’ is a spirited debate that has been argued since currency came about. There are those that side with the popular saying and argue that money has no relation to an individual’s happiness. Those in support of the expression, “money can’t buy happiness,” state the claim that true happiness stems from internal feelings of self-worth, where meaning in life is naturally created by doing good, acting justly, and abiding by purity. Those that dispute the saying and believe the opposite have found a shared commonality in several contributing…show more content…
If it were true, that there is no link between money and happiness, why have economists studied this connection for many years? In fact, in just the past 30 years, studies have shown there is indeed a significant association between money and happiness. Over the course of these studies, it has been determined that people in rich countries are far happier than people in poor countries (Maich 1). The relationship between wealth and happiness has even been described to be, “more complicated than the romantic entanglements of any Desperate Housewife” (Futrelle 1). It is true that the connection between happiness and money is intricate, however, the link is measurable. Based on a study done by the University of Michigan, it was found that, “a higher income leads to a greater sense of well-being,” which in turn, contributes to an individual’s happiness greatly (Kurtzleben 1). While the opposition argues there is no apparent link between wealth and happiness, it is clear to see that there is a very real connection between the two. Additionally, wealth and happiness now appear to be far more dependent on one another than we may have previously come to terms with. It is ironic that the opposition, who argue there is no real relationship between wealth and happiness are the very people arguing that, if there is any link between the two, money only contributes to temporary happiness. Both of these arguments can be rebutted swiftly. It has already been
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