Money Can Buy Happiness

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Can money buy you happiness? It is a classical debate, sparked by the left-wing communists and religious leaders who suggest that a person can live a full life without the pursuit of money, and instead one must look to a more spiritual existence above the material desires. It is perhaps conceivable in a century gone by where people grew all their food and believed in witches, that a human could forge a fulfilling existence without the need of money to satisfy our desires. However in today’s society money can not only buy happiness, but is a major factor for happiness. Findings by the Institute of Economic Affairs show that happiness levels correlate with the amount of wealth a person accumulates. And, in contrast to popular belief, it does…show more content…
Stress can affect both your body and your mind, people can become exhausted, sick and unable to focus. It is the complete reverse of happiness. For someone who is better off financially bills occupy much less of their time and thus stress is eliminated from their lives. Home life can be miserable and tense when money is scarce. Couples bicker on average 2,455 times a year and of that number issues of money equate to 315 arguments. Money buys security and an un-troubled existence, money relieves financial stress and thus helps increase happiness.
If someone was to offer you a million dollars, no strings attached, would you accept it? Chances are you would, and you would be happy about it because money can buy happiness. In life we have the option to live how we want, no one forces us to live a consumerist lifestyle. We choose to. You know there must be a connection to money and happiness. If there weren’t, no one would work for that lucrative promotion, perhaps no one work at all. Why would we spend all our lives pursuing it? For those living in third world countries that may be happy, it is unfortunately because it’s a case of they can’t miss what they’ve never had. Our society has made money a factor of happiness and I don’t hear anyone complaining. If money can’t buy you happiness then you are not spending it
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