Money Cannot Buy Happiness In The Great Gatsby

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In the song “Can’t Buy Me Love” written by the Beatles, they claim that they can buy anything there friend desires but it sure can not buy them love (Genius, 1964). In the story, Fitzgerald shows us many examples of Jay Gatsby’s way of living in having a lot of money and he constantly tries to use that money to win Daisy away from Tom, her husband. Just like in the song Gatsby does not achieve the love of his old friend Daisy with money. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby” a wealthy man, Gatsby makes strong efforts to win back the heart of his lover, Daisy Buchanan. F. Scott Fitzgerald also demonstrates through the characters of “The Great Gatsby” that money cannot buy one's happiness.
The character Jay Gatsby the argument that money cannot buy bliss. Mr. Gatsby as a very wealthy young man. Gatsby has a massive amount of fortune that he could by anything that he pleased except for one thing in particular, happiness. With this money Gatsby tries win the back the heart of an old lover, Daisy Buchanan. Daisy Buchanan was related to Nick Carraway, who just happened to be neighbors with Gatsby. Jordan, who was a dear friend of Daisy and Nick’s, was talking to Nick about Gatsby lifelong dream she proclaimed, “Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay” (78). Gatsby bought his large luxurious mansion that was located right in front of Daisy in search for her attention. Gatsby had bought that very immense and expensive mansion just to be close

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