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In some very minute cases I would disagree that it is a good idea to borrow money to complete a college degree. However, in a most case scenario I think it is a wonderful idea that will help students in the long run, given they choose a smart career that is financially promising. If a student goes into the correct field and gets into a job that pays well then they will, most likely, have no problem paying back any student loans they may owe. Mark Kantrowitz estimated that about 71% of people graduating with a bachelor’s degree would have a student loan. He said “It’s unfortunate that college costs are going up and the student aid, the grants, are not going up at the same rate on a per student basis. College is becoming less and less affordable, though it’s still just as necessary.” The problem there is that if student aide and grants aren’t covering the full cost of a student’s education, the student is more inclined to get another loan elsewhere. (Sparshott) Thankfully statistics show that the unemployment rate is considerably lower for people who have graduated from college. After you have a college degree you are more likely to make a higher wage than the person who doesn’t, what is more, you will probably get hired faster. College degrees not only help that graduate out but it also helps out in the long run if they have a family that depends on them. College opens up better career opportunities that have enhanced job security and happiness. (Education Corner) In fact

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