Money Frauds : China And China

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Against Money Frauds China is one of the countries that have the highest yearly rate of frauds. Although the China governments have uploaded many promotional videos on preventing the crooks, but can we really get away from the fraud base on those videos? The risk of fraudulent activity is increases every year in China. The China government should establish a special department to help people to prevent from the money frauds, because frauds are the problem that affects people a lot and also because the detection of frauds is extremely low in China. The frauds that are happening in China are not just to the Chinese, also to the people who come traveling China. Most of the people whom traveling China, because they want to learn about the china cultures and they might want to visit the Tiananmen in china. According to a YouTube video, the author shows people how the frauds current situations are in China. In the video it remains people to be careful when they’re traveling in China. The video “Top 5 Scams to Watch Out for When Traveling in China | China Uncensored”, the author states that “China is one of the most beautiful places on earth”, he is encouraging people to visit China, but also he states that, “here are my top 5 scams humane counter while in China.” It can really cause to the decline of tourism industry to the China. This video shows us that many of the money frauds are happening to the foreigners in Tiananmen. I think the Chinese governments should do their best to
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