Money, Happiness And Happiness

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“Are you happy when you make a lot of money?” It is the biggest controversy of happiness economics which is a happiness research result of the relationship between personal satisfaction and economic issues. They had found that at a certain point, the increase in annual income does not bring much happiness anymore. What do you think? Even if you do not mind the theory, you can get what you want to buy by graduating from college and earning money with a job. What if you make too much money? If you are looking through the media to see the life of the jugglers, they do not seem perfectly happy. It seems that there is no big difference with our lives. They may appear happy sometimes and sometimes sad. For a long time, people have always been worried that money and happiness are proportional to the words, “Money cannot buy happiness.” The freedom of choice we get, happiness and money are together. The most of important thing in our lives is the true happiness and tranquil mind.
However, according to a professor Richard Ainley Easterlin of USC in a scholarly study of the subject “Does more money make happier?” He stated, “Does more money make happier? To judge from survey responses, most people certainly think so, although there is a limit. When asked how much more money they would need to be completely happy, people typically name a figure greater than their current income by about 20 percent. Indeed, if happiness and income are compared at any point in time, those with more
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