Money & Happiness : The Comparison Of Money And Happiness

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Money & Happiness When posed with the task of creating a digital documentary, my first thoughts were not positive. I had expected to be assigned a written essay for our final project, and the concept of creating a persuasive documentary was foreign to me. Eventually I decided that I would continue with the topic of the correlation of money and happiness, due to the fact that I had previously written my literature review on the same topic. I took my previous knowledge that I had learned from researching the broad topic, and took the stance that money does correlate with happiness, but only up to a point. After this point however, happiness is entirely up to the individual. My purpose of choosing this as my thesis was to try and convince my audience that happiness is in actuality very attainable, not an unfathomable feeling. I believe that today’s society stresses a misconception that money is the key to happiness, which is disillusioning entire generations, and I hoped that this brief documentary could show a truthful alternative to this misconception. I started my documentary by saying “we have all heard the expression money can’t buy happiness, but this common statement is not entirely true.” I intended to spark the audience’s curiosity by disclaiming a popular expression. Also, I was setting the stage for what I was going to talk about for the majority of the documentary. I offered visual aid in the form of a picture that depicted a dollar sign, and equals sign, a
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