Money Has A Major Impact On Society Essay

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Money has a major impact on most people’s lives around the world. It is a very important element in the society people live in today. Where someone lives or comes from in the world, can determine how important money is to their society. In the United States, if a person does not have money, they are looked down upon. People in the welfare system or on public assistance are considered lazy or drug addicts. There is a stigma that these people are dirty or uneducated. Money is considered to be an essential part of everyday living. Money is like a competition to see how much a person can make and how many things they have. It consumes the lives of Americans and many others around the world. Some people do not have enough while others have more than they can imagine. Money can determine what people can do in life and their lifestyle. Many people believe it is so important that they forget what is really important in life. Money can buy a person many things, but not the things that truly matter in life like happiness, love, and family. In simpler, poorer communities, family and helping others is the main priority, money is not. A small piece of paper can impact a person’s behavior, their lifestyle, and their view of the world. Money can do so many things to society and the people within it. Money is a powerful part of many societies in the world, which seems to be run by money and nothing more. In simpler communities like the one Charles Murray went to live in, money
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