Money Has Time Value On The Financial Investment Market Essay

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Money has time value in the financial investment market. The time value of money affects to a greater extent to many investors. So investor has to take account of time value for money. When investment is made in securities, it is found that volatility is more. Every person wants to save money and the money saved by those persons they do not keep it as idle and invest that money to make appreciation money. They are number of investment alternatives. The choice is up to investor who wants to invest according to their interest and it depends upon the rate of return or the amount of return and risk expect from the individual. Some individual want high return and ready to take high risk. Investors who want to take high risk will go for equity they earn more returns. If the individual does not want to take more risk they will prefer for depositing in banks. Investment in mutual fund, debentures, bonds, preference share, Govt. Securities, treasury bills etc. Where the individual get a fixed amount and who do not take risk are called as a risk averse. Thus this study is mainly concentrated to find out the risk and return analysis that has been associated with the banking sector of the BSE Bankex and also to know the relationship between banks return and market returns. The chosen topic is the banking sector from the emerging sector now. The training has expose me to many facts of an organization and also helps me to gain practical knowledge and known Risk &

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