Money In A Raisin In The Sun By Lorraine Hansberry

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To Walter money means everything; “Do you know what this money means to me? Do you know what this money can do for us?” (Hansberry 73). What Walter wants to do with this money is put it into an investment for a liquor store to make even more money in the future, the money he needs now would be a “down payment”. To Walter, the more money you have the more important you are, the more valued you are as a human being. So when Mama asked him why he cared so much about the insurance money he replied with “Because it’s life, Mama!” (Hansberry 74). Later in the same page, he says humans were always obsessed with money, they just didn’t know about it yet. He thinks that with this money, the Younger family will finally have it good. He thinks that without
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