Money Is A Huge Part Of Everyone 's Life

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Money is a massive part of everyone’s life. Without it, we couldn’t get anywhere. That 's why we have coins, dollars, and credit cards – a currency. The way we use money is simple – you provide the right amount of money based on the cost or productivity of the product you are purchasing. But there is a new way to actually make a transaction that is different than money. But there is a new way on how you can actually transact that money. Now, with all things being simplified with technology, there is a new way for everything… even for purchasing things. Digital wallets: the more simple way to purchase anything, anytime. Digital wallets are a virtual storage system that contains money. They hold users personal information including…show more content…
And with a click of your picture, you have successfully made a purchase without pulling out your phone or wallet at the checkout desk. Square also offers a way to make an iPhone or iPad, work like a terminal at a check out desk. If you want a modern lemonade stand, Square can make that possible. Apple Pay is a fast, easy, secure, and private way of purchasing things on the go. It 's available for the new iPhone 6, 6 plus, and Apple Watch. It stores all of your payment information. It’s revolutionary to the simplicity of making purchases. With the convenience of Apples touch ID feature, you know that your payments are safe and secure with a touch of a button. All you need to do is hold your iPhone in front of the credit card terminal and use your thumb fingerprint to authenticate the purchase. It offers you to pay from 220,000 stores and retailers right now. If your iPhone gets stolen you can use Find My iPhone and suspend all of the payments from your phone, so you don’t have to cancel your credit card. Apple Pay also provides a private element, in which Apple does not know what you bought or where you bought it, so you don’t feel self-conscious when paying through technology. If you are an Apple geek, you might not have to ever use your wallet again. But what if not every store has near field communication terminals?
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