Money Is A Huge Part Of Everyone 's Life

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Money is a massive part of everyone’s life. Without it, we couldn’t get anywhere. That 's why we have coins, dollars, and credit cards – a currency. The way we use money is simple – you provide the right amount of money based on the cost or productivity of the product you are purchasing. But there is a new way to actually make a transaction that is different than money. But there is a new way on how you can actually transact that money. Now, with all things being simplified with technology, there is a new way for everything… even for purchasing things. Digital wallets: the more simple way to purchase anything, anytime. Digital wallets are a virtual storage system that contains money. They hold users personal information including credit card data, and sometimes your driver’s license, coupons, health card and many other ID documents. Currently, there are many mobile payment systems, each one functions slightly differently. And today I will be talking about the cutting edge wallets you will be using tomorrow or in the future. There is Google Wallet, which uses a very smart way of making purchases on the go. Instead of swiping your card, you just wave your phone in front of the card terminal to make your payment. Square is a way to make purchases in a store without bringing your wallet. You put your credit card number, full name, and email into the mobile app. Then, when you walk into a store that offers Square based purchases, you click on the name of the store in your…
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