Money Management: Investing in Portfolio Investments

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In view of this objective of every average working person, the process of managing a person's income becomes a crucial practice. The aspect that the source of income may be regular or irregular, consistent or inconsistent makes it challenging to determine and decide on a particulate portfolio for investment. Thus, the business world, after realizing the need for a savings culture, introduced business banks and bank accounts that facilitate the accumulation of money for the future use. Money management is a subject of interest in people nearing retirement, as well as, those beginning their savings (Newcombe 2008 p. 31).
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I am a male at the age of forty-five years. I am now married for the past twelve years, and I am blessed with two children. The two children are of the cages of nine, the eldest and five, the youngest. This constitutes my young and happy family. I am employed and work as an expatriate with a salary income that is sufficient to keep me running, managing the children and saving. I am highly conservative when it comes to evaluating me in terms of risk taking. I am not keenly into taking risks, and this makes me unable to venture into quality investments. I am afraid of losing what I have, and this makes it difficult for me. Therefore, being conservative works to my advantage, maintaining…
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