Money Matters Essay

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"All we have to do is kill him, take the diamond and money, then leave." Gaspard Caderousse looks at his wife with a gleam in his eye. The rogue thinks about what would happen if he lets his wife do the arduous task of killing the jeweler. He already had seen the jeweler's two pistols. She would rush in to the jeweler's room and stab the jeweler; the jeweler would shoot and kill her. All Caderousse would have to do is go upstairs, make sure the jeweler is dead, get the diamond, come downstairs, collect the banknotes and leave with the diamond and money. All of this is going through Gaspard Caderousse's mind before he carries out his plan to take all of the money and the diamond. It seems that people will do almost anything for…show more content…
Caderousse's greed for money gets him killed in the end and he realizes his real enemy is not Edmond Dantes, but money. Money seems to affect even well to do people. They have enough money to do well in life, but they want more and more. One of these people is Heloise de Villefort, the wife of Edmond Dantes' enemy, Monsieur de Villefort. Her greed for money is what, in the first place, causes her to even think about plotting against her family members. When the Count of Monte Cristo is talking to her about poison she seems very educated about it. She says things that the Count of Monte Cristo knows most women don't know. She knows about brucine and what it can do to a person. She sees it bring her son back to consciousness when he faints, but knows that much larger amounts can easily kill a person. When the Count of Monte Cristo is leaving she asks for a bottle of brucine and she gets it the next day. After she plots against her family she decides to take action. She knows that all of her son's grandfather's money will go to her stepdaughter, Valentine, unless something happens. Valentine's grandparents and Valentine will have to die. After the Count of Monte Cristo introduced the idea of poisoning into her mind she knew what to do. She decides she must start with Monsieur de Saint-Meran. She poisons him and he dies. Madame de Saint-Meran comes to the
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