Money : The Real Cause Of The Civil War

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Alex LeBaron
Professor Lisa Arter
ENGL 2010-04 Causal Argument
14 September 2015
Money: The Real Cause of the Civil War The Confederacy has several reasons that they use to try to justify their attempt at seceding from the United States of America. They claim it was over state’s rights, or cultural differences, or any other reason. However, the biggest cause of secession and ultimately war was money. The North was shackling the South with outrageous taxes and tariffs, which finally reached a boiling point. The Federal government placed outrageous taxes and tariffs on imported and exported goods, which effected the Southern agricultural states to a much greater extent than their Northern industrial counterparts. The Federal government also included a property tax on slave labor. Somehow over almost one hundred years of debate in the United States as to how to classify and count the enslaved population, the Federal government still felt that even though slavery was immoral they had better tax those sinful slaveholders. How dare they reap the benefits of free labor while not shouldering the heavy burden of excess taxes? James Madison had some very strong words at the 1829-30 Virginia convention when he speaking, “He not only refused to accept the power of a nonslaveholding majority to decide how to tax his “species of property,” but he also revealed his resentment of the idea that he should pay higher taxes because some northerner claimed to have cleaner
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