Money Used For Fund A Special Project Essay

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Money used to fund a special project is not typically easy to come by. With impending changes due to election year round ups, the budge factor in any government system is sketchy at best. The time and resources use to find and implement a budget for a project of this size is tedious and time consuming. The Department has decided to design a new technology project that would support all three areas under the scope of the Team. This purpose of this project aims to build on the scope of the fundamental mission of the Department that unifies the three areas while maintaining the integrity and characteristics of each section. The supporting budget for this project is one of the outliers that is not directly controlled by the Department. From a SWOT analysis perspective, the budget is probably the biggest threat inhibiting the Department from completing the goal of implementing this project. To offset this potential problem, Lander (2016) suggested using the technique often used by other government entities – the four phase budget cycle. According to Lander, this type of approach allows for proper implementation and suggested review and feedback for improvements or adjustment and it also “can better help you achieve your company 's aims” (para 1). These four phases, as suggested by Lander are: preparing the budget, approving the budget, executing the budget, and evaluating the budget.
Revenues and Expenses Barr and McClellan (2011) emphasized the fact that the source of
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