Money Values Happiness And Happiness

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Literature Review
College education brings greater happiness can be seen not only from a Sociology perspective. If the dependent variable (education) is changed from the variable” money,” more perspectives could be added to the research. For example, Lee (2006) an economist in his article “who says money cannot buy happiness,” argues both sides of the argument; money brings happiness and money does not buy happiness. He argues that economists discovered that money does not buy happiness, and, in contrast, however, he adds, even the implication that the accumulation of money is not a warranty of happiness, the proposition that money and happiness are not positively related… it is wrong” (p. 386). The author uses a Mexican fisherman and Harvard MBA vignette to illustrate that poor people can be satisfied, for example, the Mexican fisherman is content for the reason that he works only a few hours, by this he has enough time to be with his children, wife and friends, however, the Harvard MBA advices him to work more hours to have more money. By analyzing this vignette wo could infer that the people who spend their life pursuing money does little to improve their happiness. The vignette used by Lee becomes a paradox were people spent their youth trying to gain material assets, and by spending their youth they spend one of the most valuable asset an individual could possess. One more interesting concept that we could analyze from Lee’s article is that money making is addictive,
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