Money and Love in "The Gilded Six Bits" Essay examples

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Zora Neale Hurston, author of the Gilded Six Bits, has a very unique writing style. The artistry in her story makes it a pleasant, easy read for any audience. The title suggests the story is based around money; but rather if one were to dig deeper the reality of the story is being told around the playfulness of money. Character disposition, an idealistic dialect, and the ability to work past an issue all work together to prove that Joe and Missie May’s lives are not strictly revolved around money. Hurston’s characters have idealistic dialect for an African American in that time period; correctly depicting any stereotypes that might fall on the situation. The slang and slurs used throughout the characters dialogue makes the tale more…show more content…
“Humph! Ah’m way behind time t’day! Joe gointer be heah ‘fore Ah git mah clothes on if ah don’t make haste” (985). Hurston could have told the reader that Missie May was running late, plain and simple, but rather she uses dialogue to introduce the character and show the reader her role in society; as an uneducated African American. In the very beginning of the story Hurston explains that money is nothing more than a game to this married couple. “…She knew that it was her husband throwing silver dollars in the door for her to pick up and pile beside her plate at dinner. It was this way every Saturday afternoon. The nine dollars hurled into the open door, he scurried to a hiding place behind the cap jasmine bush and waited. Missie May promptly appeared at the door in mock alarm” (986). Joe would throw money to Missie May encouraging her to give chase after him, in a playful concoction of hide-n-go-seek and tag. To fall as a cliché story it would be assumed that this couple would quarrel over money rather than view it as a toy and play with the coins. This shows that true love conquers all and nothing can deprive the two of their marriage. After all, a financial burden is a major stressor in a relationship – if they couple removes the stressor from their lives, giving it a different role; it could not possibly become troublesome to them. Joe and Missie May clearly have a playful marriage. This displays what any young
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