Money 's Ugly Face : America, The Great And Powerful

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Gabriele Dokianos 2nd O’Connor April 8, 2013 Research Paper Money’s Ugly Face “America, the great and powerful”, used to be the top country in the world in all categories. Known as the land of opportunity, people from all over the world would flock to the borders of our great nation and beg for admittance. Over the years, which was known once as great is now known as unemployed, and what was once powerful is now trillion dollars in debt. So the question is what changed? The problem is simple but the answer is complex. Americans began out-sourcing for goods after the men returned home from WWII, and now all these goods and products that we buy and see in stores are not what we call ‘made in America’. In order for the U.S to return to the…show more content…
There is no permanent documentation on when their country started blatantly manipulating the U.S. Many economists within America do not see a problem with the trade agreement because China has never required our country to pay back the debt we owe. The economists see this as a positive; they believe China is being helpful to our country when in actuality China just wants to have something to hold against America to manipulate us even further if the need ever arises. China is a true master of manipulation; as long as they are still negatively affecting others they do not care about the repercussions on their home front. It has been proven that the trade agreement with America affects China’s country and citizens in negative way. Charles Clark is a human rights activist and researcher out of California, he explains, “Sweat shops and child labor- supposedly eradicated by the U.S. early in the century- have re-emerged dramatically on the global landscape, just as the century is wrapping up” (Clark 1). By America importing so greatly from their country they had to create child labor sweat shops to keep up with such America’s high demand of goods. The upsetting part is that Americans still chose to import after acquiring this knowledge. We as a country are supporting their ability to have these shops and are actually making their existence necessary. Clark later explains that by using children, the employer
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