Money vs. Attitude Essay

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Many students of today have different attitudes towards education based on money. Many students have to pay for their schooling, while many do not. Students that have to work to finance their own education will succeed over those who have their education handed to them. Having to work in order to learn is very difficult to do and will teach the student to respect and appreciate the education that he or she is pursuing. The attitudes of those who have education handed to them most definitely contradict those who don't, which places an entirely different perspective on the education system for each type of person. First of all, as a student who pays for the education I receive, I fully recognize the differences between the people that…show more content…
Last of all, a student that funds the education they receive would care and try a lot more than one that doesn't. This is true because the student paying for the education has to do twice the amount of work in order to complete the same amount of work a student that doesn't pay for the education has to do. So basically it would be a waste of time if you worked in order to learn and then wasted it away by not studying and not doing what you had to do in order to make good grades. A student that funds their own education obviously has a positive outlook on life and has some goals and wishes to be successful one day. Students' attitudes towards school are not always based on whether or not they pay for college or not. In many cases the money factor controls the attitudes of students because of many reasons. As I stated above, students that have to work to receive their education will succeed over those who have it handed to them, is a fact which is shown in the points state above. Many people may not agree with this statement, but it is a common fact that needs to be realized by the world. If you work hard enough for something, your attitude will be more optimistic and the chances of going the distance will be much greater in the

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