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Sandra Baah Business Statistics Dale Matheny February 29 2012 The book Moneyball by Michael Lewis is about a former major league baseball player who became the manager of the Oakland A’s. It tells the story of how he led the team to success despite their low budget by using computer based analytics to draft players. With the help of Bill James, the Oakland A’s came up with a new plan based on statistics to draft players. He went after players nobody wanted due to their low budget and his new plan. Billy led the Oakland Athletics to a successive win seasons by changing the way he measured players. He abandoned the traditional 5 “tool” the other scouts used and adopted empirical analytics. The abandonment of the traditional assessment of…show more content…
Despite all these limiting factors it did not stop him from leading the team to a 20 consecutive wins. The Oakland A’s were different from other teams. They did not let anything stop them, they did extraordinary things. As their salary decreased they got better, this is very unusual. The new approach; sabermetrics helped the team change and improve in a short about of time. This new approach caused problems for the Oakland A’s. It caused problems with the team; Billy and the Oakland scouts. Some people and teams hate sabermetrics and think it does not help with winning. The new approach helped the Oakland A’s succeed because it was ethical. Billy Beane used numbers to evaluate the players. Numbers matter but can be misleading. By looking closely and understanding what he was doing Billy made good decisions based on numbers. The old approach was unethical because it misjudged the players. In the “old fashion statistics of the players some key important factors were left out. For instance the old statistics did not mention the number of walks a batter earned. This left out information misleads coach’s judgments and resulted in scouts undervaluing players. Just like in baseball there are large and small businesses. Businesses have to make decisions, decisions that will help the business in the long run. By using analytics business can measure their performance to know where they stand financially and economically. Numbers are very important in a

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