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Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

The Oakland A's, under the management of Billy Beane, found a gap in the baseball skills market that existed because most baseball scouts and managers used traditional methods of selecting players that were outdated and had little relationship with skills that brought success to teams. Traditionally, baseball scouts mainly used batting averages (BA) and Runs batted in (RBI) to sign new players. On-base percentage (OBP) was used too, but it was not given as much premium as RBI and BA. Thus, when looking for players, almost all scouts went for players that scored highly on BA and RBI while ignoring those that scored highly on OBP but had low scores in BA and RBI. However, through analysis of
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However, as every team's goal is to win, there is no doubt that it was only a matter of time before other teams adopted similar methods. Apparently, this would inevitably eliminate the competitive advantage that Oakland Athletics has over their competitors. If that happens, as it inevitably will, Oakland Athletics will have to find another competitive edge as the application of sabermetrics will no longer be a factor in any team’s success.

With the use of sabermetrics having produced excellent results for them, there is no need of doing away it just because their competitors have copied it. However, to continue winning they will have to find another competitive advantage. For example, in addition to the use of statistical analysis, Oakland A could employ the strategy of signing many cheap players and playing them at different times. The best among them would be allowed to perform more regularly, but he would have an able replacement in case he is unable to play at his best because of factors such as injuries. The new competitive advantage that such a system would have created is the ability of Oakland A to perform at their best in all games regardless of the form of individual players.

The central idea behind the success of Oakland A is that a small team with innovative tactics can effectively compete and even outperform its rivals that have more

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