Moneyball Movie Analysis

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The movie “Moneyball”, released in 2011, contains several negotiations that exhibit techniques we discussed and practiced in class. To provide brief context, the movie is based on the Oakland Athletics baseball team. The film begins by showing a 2001 Playoff Series featuring the Athletics playing the Yankees, and highlights the difference between the salaries each team has. The Yankees boast a salary of $114 million, whereas the Athletics salary is $39 million. Despite the efforts of the Athletics, they eventually lose the series. This foreshadows the movie’s main plotline – that the Athletics suffer from a lack of funds, making it difficult for them to compete professionally. In the off-season, the Athletics realize that they will not have the payroll to resign their two best players – Jason Giambi and Johnny Damon. This leads to the first major negotiation in the film, between the Athletics’ scouts and their General Manager, Billy Beane. Both sides took several weeks to prepare for the major scouting meeting. The scouts analyzed and watched hundreds of young players, in the hopes that they would find players to sign. Generally, this is the typical process teams will take to prepare for scouting meetings like this. The General Manager, Beane, decided that the organization was ignoring the big picture and needed to change their traditional methodology. He analyzed the organization’s situation, and determined that the team had major constraints. Primarily, these
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