Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

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Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, is a non-fiction book written by Michael Lewis. The book is about a former baseball player that became a manager of a US baseball team named, Oakland Athletics. It is a real life encounter of the protagonist Billy Beane, a major league baseball player, who brings together a strong baseball team, despite financial constraints. Billy was able to assemble a strong baseball team while employing innovative strategies and techniques. He invented a system that worked for the team, and that of his competitors. The book talks of Billy’s organizational culture, and how he led his team to a successive win, despite the challenges. Lewis presents an excellent book on organizational culture, leadership,…show more content…
Lewis overstates Billy’s case. In fact, Lewis’ main character is not an interesting character. Beane is presented as a talented ballplayer from Southern California. He had all it took to be the best player. Lewis describes him as fast, good looking with a strong arm, and was considered as a “Major League all-star” in high school. However, Lewis presents his decisions as unimaginable, and stunning. Billy was talented and he could use his talent to become more famous as a great baseball player other than quitting to train other players. Lewis praises Billy a lot, for instance he writes, “It was hard to know which of Billy’s qualities was most important to his team’s success: his energy, his resourcefulness, his intelligence or his ability to scare…very large professional baseball players.” As much as Billy did all his best to his team and made them successful, he could have continued with his career instead of quitting. In addition, the author overstates Billy’s case of the success of the team. The success of the team was also based on the three pitchers Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, and Mark Mulder. These three pitchers were top first round picks in top college programs and they highly contributed to the success of the team. Lewis’ book is a good book to people interested in baseball, and those managing baseball teams. It is an inspiring and amazing book for young, talented baseball players and their managers. Billy’s leadership skills

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