Mongol Empire : The Empire Of History

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Henry Tao March 11, 2015 FRP Mongols Title The Mongol Empire was the largest empire in history. They conquered from Europe to China. Genghis Khan united the tribes in ____, and the empire lasted until ____. Even though they always had less soldiers, they were more experienced, and better. Using their fighting skills they conquered the Middle Easy, Song China, eastern Europe, and much of Southeast Asia. After Genghis died his children ruled the empire. Their empire lasted 130 years before finally falling to the Ming dynasty. One of the crucial reasons the Mongols could keep their empire together was because they had laws with punishments to keep order. They created a law book called the Yasa. It governed the social and legal behavior of the Mongol tribes as well as the people of those lands under Mongols control. The Great Yasa was very different from other laws in history. With the Yasa they had a clear way to punish rule breakers, and they had a set of laws that did not change. The Yasa made people rethink their choices because they knew if they broke the law, there was going to be punishment for them. The Yasa helped keep order in the empire which lessened the chance of people wanting to riot against them. With order in China they wouldn’t have any problems ruling. It was never rigid and always open to very flexible and liberal interpretation, therefore it was able to adopt, adapt and absorb other legal systems. There were some customs and traditions of the Mongol
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