Mongol Wars Essay

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The Mongols were people I wouldn’t want to come across. They were very brutal with their killings of the innocent, the way they conquered countries and cities and their way of life. The peace was kept between Mongols. Genghis Khan and Khwarazm had a peace treaty keeping them in peace. Although it was peaceful, that doesn’t mean it can’t be broken. A Mongol caravan entered Khwarazm with 150 people from Mongolia, and they were all murdered. Genghis Khan wasn’t too thrilled to hear about what had happened in fact, he decided to break out a war. In result, cities fell, more people murdered than killed before outbreak, and Persian casualties were higher than ever. Genghis Khan didn’t stop the attempts at trying to conquer other cities or countries, however. Genghis Khan wanted to make the Mongol empire as big as he could so he went on and next, attacked the West such as…show more content…
Temuchin and Jemicha were blood brothers. Temuchin and Jemicah conquered nations and tribes together. Temuchin and Jemicah were both tribe leaders. Temuchin wanted to change Mongolian ways, traditions but Jemicah did not. Jemicah was outraged at how Temuchin wanted to change Mongols so he split the tribe making Temuchin and Jemicah sworn enemies. After conquering areas, Jemicah would gather all the important people to the tribe and he would boil those people alive. Boiling people alive is pretty brutal wouldn’t you say? Temuchin was able to change Mongolian ways and traditions just like he wanted to do. Jemicah got curious and went to go confront his blood brother. Both tribes geared up and prepared for battle.Temuchin had 100,000+ people on his side that Jemicah didn’t know about until going to see him.Temuchin said “One tribe is like an arrow easily broken, but many together are strong and can never be broken. This statement is very true I would say. If you stand alone, are you stronger than thousands of people standing by your
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