Mongolia Compared To Modern America

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2/4/16 Comparing Modern Mongolia To Modern United States

Cultures in every area are always interesting to learn about and they are many differences, let’s see what we can learn about from modern Mongolia to the modern United States. The countries that I will be comparing are the United States and Mongolia in the today’s world. My three main points that we are gonna learn about are the eating habits, animal species, and how people live and interact with the environment. The first point that I will be comparing is the way people eat in Mongolia and the US.
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For instance in the article Modern Mongolia kids wait at a bus stop men in suit talking about business stuff at a cafe shop. People talk on a cellular phones. More than half of the population lives on the countryside which is three million. Information like this is important because now you know what they do (sorta) and they act mature and they are not one of those poor countries.
United States
We Americans are always modern an article called american lifestyle parents have children, always work, kids go to daycare,lots of people always on social media, lots of narcissism, people meet on social media, fun things to do on weekends, lots and lots and lots of other stuff. We americans tend to be busy a lot but we can have fun and times to be serious. This information is important because for newcomers let's say mongolians want to come to the US well the american lifestyle is so much more different at least I think so. Eating habits, animals, and lifestyle are very interesting topics to compare about, it's also important because each of these plays a very important role in each country. People can learn about and share cultures without stereotyping by ging on research in
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