Mongolia Is A Landlocked, Central Asian Country

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Mongolia is a landlocked, central Asian country, between China and Russia, with many mountainous and desert areas. The climate in Mongolia can be very extreme, with droughts in the summer and heavy snow in the winters. Mongolia gained its independence in 1921, and was declared a socialist nation, until the late 1980s, since around 1990, the country has had a type of free market economy. There are branches similar to the United States, where there is a president, prime minister and cabinet in the executive, some members of parliament in the legislative branch and a constitutional court in the judicial branch. The government in Mongolia is fairly new and not incredibly developed. The capital of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar, and about 45% of all of Mongolia’s population lives there. The population of Mongolia is young; the majority of the people are younger than 30 years old. The population’s social structure is mostly differentiated by the increasing gaps between the amounts of wealth people have, unlike the past where it had more social hierarchies of clans and tribes. Some of the main industries in Mongolia today are food processing, leather goods, carpets, and mining (specifically coal), all of these industries were built under the old socialistic practice of the country. In the past, Mongolia’s main trading partner was the Soviet Union, now the country trades items like livestock, various animal products and metals with 25 different countries specifically its neighboring

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