Monique And The Mango Rains Analysis

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In the book “Monique and the Mango Rains,” by Kris Holloway, a woman from United States, was influenced by a young woman named Monique Dembele during her time serving as a volunteer Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa in 1989-1991. Monique, a young Malian woman, became a midwife in a country where healthcare was almost non-existence. In this autobiographical account tells the story of Monique from the view of the Author as she gets to know her and the city. They became friends and mention how she was able to witness and assist Monique delivered numerous births throughout the village. The author mentions that during her time in Mali her biggest concern was healthcare and fighting for women’s rights. This is also an example of how males using their gender role to control the woman in their lives.
The author shows a great example of the power these men had against these women in the village. In the time period this story took place, it was amazing to the author to witness that gender inequality was still a very big issue in some places. The author described how shocked she was when she found out that these women were not allowed to …show more content…

Monique also must take care of the patients without electricity or running water. Holloway is thoroughly blown away by Monique’s life, and her devotion to her patients and her family.
Power is different between women and men. Throughout history there has always been a lower expectation of women in society. The book touches every angle to what was happening in this country, where health conditions are very bad, women were being controlled by men, and women are losing their lives while giving birth. The mortality rate is very high because of the lack of equipment and health

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