Monism, Dualism, and Pluralism in American History Essay

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It seems readily apparent that monism is without a doubt the very worst way to approach history, Societies and cultures are not one dimensional, but rather are made up of a tapestry of factors. Thus looking at just one aspect gives the historian only a myopic sense of what was going on or what people were thinking at a particular time or place in history. While this is typically thought of as being the consensus history of the great white men, however other schools of historical thought can also be viewed objectively, as being equally narrow in scope. One simply can not expect to garner a panoramic perspective of history by looking at it solely from one perspective. Its illogical to think that a private in Washington's army saw the war from the same perspective as Washington did or likewise that a dock worker or recently emancipated indentured servant saw things from the same perspective as a wealthy shipyard owner, merchant, or planter. Thus to look at a chapter of history solely from the viewpoint of any of those will never create a full portrait of the events which transpired. This perspective does allow for minute investigation of a one aspect of the historical record, but only within a limited context.
George Bancroft the first well known American historian in the nineteenth century followed this perspective to weave the “great patriotic myth” of the founding of America and its rise to a blossoming world power. In this era when the country was experiencing tremendous…