Monitoring And Controlling A Project

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Monitoring and Controlling Projects are monitored and controlled to identify potential problems within a timely manner in order for prompt corrective actions to be taken (Milosevic, Patanakul, & Srivannaboon, 2010). Keeping a project under constant surveillance ensures the project is on track in terms of the scope, quality, cost and schedule. Monitoring is collecting, recording and reporting information regarding all aspects of the project’s performance. Controlling uses the data supplied by monitoring to bring actual performance into approximate equivalence with planned performance (p. 33). Utilizing the project’s plans and work breakdown structure, the project manager should be able to monitor and control the project through data collection. Comparing where the project is, in regards to the schedule and cost, will give the project manager an idea of whether the project is on schedule and if it’s within the set budget. Random sampling early in the project’s production will give an indication of the quality. Monitoring and controlling early and often in a project will identify problems before they become insurmountable and require significant resources to get the project back on track. Global Infrastructure Group appears to have a fairly robust process improvement program, with tools identified to ensure monitors and controls are in place. Communicating Metrics and Updates Metrics and project updates should be communicated through a project dashboard. A dashboard can give a
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