Monitoring And Resource Provision Among Nonprofit Board

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The authors of this journal, Factors That Influence Monitoring and Resource Provision Among Nonprofit Board Members explore antecedents of nonprofit directors’ self-reported confidence and participation in two board functions: monitoring and provision of resources. This is the questions surrounding this journal article. The monitoring aspect looks at the executive performance appraisal, selection, fiscal operations, and implementation of strategy, whereas the provision of resources observes the advice and counsel, fundraising, and ties to external constituents. The proposed theory that serves as the rationale for the hypothesis is that board member’s experience and background in conjunction with other factors such as commitment to the mission, a sense of community with other board members, and training will influence confidence and participation in board functions. Given the nature of nonprofit organizations as values-based institutions and the voluntary aspect of board leadership, they believe that attachment to group members (Forbes & Milliken, 1999; haski-Leventhal & Cnaan, 2009; Okun & Michel, 2006) and organizational mission (Jenner, 1984; Minichilli, Zattoni, & Zona, 2009) will be particularly salient factors for nonprofit directors. This study also looks at the role of training. Specifically, Hillman and Dalziel (2003) theorize that directors’ human and social capital predicts their engagement in resource provision and monitoring activities but incentives also
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