Monitoring Network For A Network

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This research paper will include an analysis of three methods to monitor network threats to a network. Effective monitoring of the network will reduce vulnerabilities, thereby enhancing the security. Three methods that will be discussed are monitoring network traffic, monitoring network user and group accounts, and monitoring firewall logs. There are many methods to monitoring a network against threats and the three methods listed above will be discussed in detail. Monitoring Network Traffic Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are used to monitor traffic on a network. IPS appliances can detect unique patterns (signatures) identified in a dictionary, monitor traffic as it flows through appliances such as firewalls and gateways (Web…show more content…
Monitoring Network User and Group Accounts Monitoring user accounts and groups by administrations can prevent or detect when a system has been compromised. When a hacker gains access to a system, they can create an account to have administrator privileges and exploit a network. Inside exploits of an organization can also occur by disgruntle employees and can cause malicious activity on a system to gain unauthorized access or elevate their privileges. In addition a user’s activity can be digitally monitored, reports can be created that provide a definitive record of an employee’s digital behavior which can provide an organization with the ability to see the context of a user’s action. Monitoring of an employee’s activity can include: Email – monitoring email accounts for sensitive information or intellectual property. File transport (FTP) – the transport and transmission of digital information. An organization can be at risk when users download files from the Internet, transferred via web email, and access of peer-to-peer file sharing services. Security risks include documents loaded with pornographic images, spyware, adware, pirated music, video, software and sending confidential information about the organization. User inactivity or activity – monitoring user inactivity or activity can be
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